More Fun Leave-Behinds – Fun Friday Stories

This Fun Friday Story is about some of the more fun items tenants have left behind.  More Lawn moweroften than not, when a tenant moves out they leave some stuff behind.  The majority of stuff is trash – including broken appliances and TVs, dirty old couches, broken dressers, etc.   Usually nothing of value, which is why it was abandoned in the first place.

Sometimes though you get some gems.  There are two items that are a tie for my favorite so far.  The first was a bag of Christmas lights.  By bag, I mean a huge 45 gallon trash bag filled up with probably 50 strands of lights of all colors.  The majority worked too.  That was a fun find, especially due to the randomness of it.  What makes it even better was that this particular tenant only lived in the house for three months before being evicted due to non-payment, and it was summer months that they were there.

My other favorite item left behind was a riding lawn mower.  It seemed fairly new, and best of all was in working condition.  It is rare that you get an item of value actually left behind.  This same tenant of course left trash everywhere too when moving out, but at least there was something fun to find.

Unpleasant Rental Discoveries – Fun Friday Stories

It’s Friday again, so time for another one of my bizarre rental stories.  This week’s story is one of the more depressing rental experiences I’ve had so far.  It involves animal cruelty.Rabbit

The tenants in one of my rental properties had moved out unexpectedly mid-lease and left no notification they intended to move.  I only discovered the property was abandoned after checking on it one day after rent was late and I was unable to get in touch with the tenants.  This means that the property had been abandoned anywhere from a few days to a week or two before I was made aware.

The tenants kindly left behind the usual mess for me to deal with – trash everywhere, old broken furniture left behind, food in the refrigerator (however luckily they had not yet shut off the power so no food spoilage), holes in walls, that kind of thing.  Annoying stuff, but sadly not that uncommon.  What made this property stand out though was that it had an outdoor storage shed.  I went out to the shed to see what was left behind, hoping for lawn equipment or something that at least had resale value.  To my surprise though I found that they had left behind a rabbit.  This is where it gets bad – the rabbit was left in a 100+ degree storage shed (no air conditioning) with no water, and with some old food scattered on the ground.  It was stifling hot when I went in there.  The poor bunny was just laying on its side, panting heavily.  I had no idea how long it had been in there, but believe it was very close to overheating and death.

The rabbit was obviously a pet, based on the cage and food I found, as well as how it liked being handled by people as I later discovered.  I was shocked.  I could not imagine why anyone would leave behind an animal, let alone a pet, to suffer a horrible death of dehydration or overheating.  That is cruel and inhumane.  I tried getting in touch with the tenants but of course could not get a response.  I was finally able to get in touch with a family member and explained that we had found the rabbit.  The response was “Oh, if they left it they probably don’t want it.  I would just let it go.”  Their solution was to just release the almost-dead bunny into the wild to fend for itself.

Of course that was an unacceptable solution for me.  I did not call animal control as I know rabbits are not commonly accepted into the local shelters, so decided to try my own luck helping the bunny.  I was able to find a friend who agreed to temporarily foster it, then was eventually able to find a permanent home for it.  The bunny turned out to be very sweet and calm, so hopefully it is being a great pet for someone.

I can deal with tenants leaving behind trash, but abandoning animals in a cruel manner is one of the worst things I have encountered, and hope to never find again.

“Why My Rent is Late – Surprising Truths”

Fun Friday Story – Getting Honest Answers About Late Rent Payments

Tenants pay rent late all the time, and as a landlord it is my job to stay on top of them to make sure Late Rent it is paid.  When rent is late, I commonly call up the tenant to find out why it is late and when it will be sent in.  Usually I am given excuses such as they just mailed it, or someone was sick and they needed the money.

One lady though decided to give me the honest truth.  Her rent was late because she had gone to Mexico to get breast enlargement surgery.  She was absolutely serious.  I didn’t quite know how to respond, as I am not used to getting the blatant truth like that.  I was more amused than anything, and we were able to work it out to where she paid late that month.

Of course it is not long before the lady is late in rent again.  When I called her up again she explained that she had to go back to Mexico to get some of her recent “enhancements” fixed.  While still an amusing story, I was not as pleased with her paying rent late again due to her boob job.  It was not really a surprise when this lady eventually was evicted due to nonpayment of rent.  I guess everyone’s priorities are different.