“Why My Rent is Late – Surprising Truths”

Fun Friday Story – Getting Honest Answers About Late Rent Payments

Tenants pay rent late all the time, and as a landlord it is my job to stay on top of them to make sure Late Rent it is paid.  When rent is late, I commonly call up the tenant to find out why it is late and when it will be sent in.  Usually I am given excuses such as they just mailed it, or someone was sick and they needed the money.

One lady though decided to give me the honest truth.  Her rent was late because she had gone to Mexico to get breast enlargement surgery.  She was absolutely serious.  I didn’t quite know how to respond, as I am not used to getting the blatant truth like that.  I was more amused than anything, and we were able to work it out to where she paid late that month.

Of course it is not long before the lady is late in rent again.  When I called her up again she explained that she had to go back to Mexico to get some of her recent “enhancements” fixed.  While still an amusing story, I was not as pleased with her paying rent late again due to her boob job.  It was not really a surprise when this lady eventually was evicted due to nonpayment of rent.  I guess everyone’s priorities are different.

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