Bad Real Estate Listing Photos

I recently had a real estate agent friend send me a link to a website that specializes in displaying bad real estate listing photos.  It was a collection of photos from actual real estate listings, that were published and advertised online.  I will admit that the site was hilarious, and it is hard to believe that agents found some of the images acceptable to post.

Examples of bad photos included blurry images, poor lighting conditions, or off-centered shots.  Others were amusing because the content of the photo was bad, such as photos of rooms filled with trash, pets in the background, or the homeowners appearing in the background of the shot (in their underwear in some cases).  Still other photos showed unflattering views, whether it was a corner shot that showed nothing but the wall of the room, or a pile of laundry was front and center.

To me, if you post these types of photos online you are doing your client a disservice.  You are not presenting their home in a good light and are not going to be attracting buyers with poor or unflattering photos.  You do not want to misrepresent a house, and if there are glaring defects in a property it is ok to note them.  This is especially true in distressed homes or fixer-uppers, where the buyer needs to get an understanding of if a property will require significant repairs.  Otherwise, poor photos show that an agent is not doing a good job selling your house.  Even in properties with difficult homeowners it is still possible to take passable photos.  Keep this in mind when looking for an agent to sell your house.  If their other listing photos are bad, odds are they will not take good ones for you either.

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