More Fun Leave-Behinds – Fun Friday Stories

This Fun Friday Story is about some of the more fun items tenants have left behind.  More Lawn moweroften than not, when a tenant moves out they leave some stuff behind.  The majority of stuff is trash – including broken appliances and TVs, dirty old couches, broken dressers, etc.   Usually nothing of value, which is why it was abandoned in the first place.

Sometimes though you get some gems.  There are two items that are a tie for my favorite so far.  The first was a bag of Christmas lights.  By bag, I mean a huge 45 gallon trash bag filled up with probably 50 strands of lights of all colors.  The majority worked too.  That was a fun find, especially due to the randomness of it.  What makes it even better was that this particular tenant only lived in the house for three months before being evicted due to non-payment, and it was summer months that they were there.

My other favorite item left behind was a riding lawn mower.  It seemed fairly new, and best of all was in working condition.  It is rare that you get an item of value actually left behind.  This same tenant of course left trash everywhere too when moving out, but at least there was something fun to find.

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